Passionfruit + Caramel

Natural Bourbo & Mundo Novo


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1939, the year that Renato Ribeiro was born at Fazenda Cachoeirinha, where his father was an immigrant worker for many years. That farm is now called Mió, and is owned by his daughter and her husband, Renata and Carlos.

Mió have named each of their coffees after specific year, as a small nod to events that led them where they are today. As an extension of our own gratitude, we've decided to use these years as the coffee's digital sticker.

With this coffee, you can expect aroma of tropical fruits to lead through into flavours of passionfruit and caramel, finished off with a crisp acidity. What better way to celebrate the beginning of our new friendship with Mió?

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As we start harvest season in Brazil it feels very important to talk about the responsibility of roasters to keep buying coffee from last years harvest. The reality for Mió, for example, is that although 2021 harvest started, we should not expect any of the new coffees in the UK before December. So let’s celebrate 2020 harvest until the new lots arrive 🥳

3 months ago