Standart - Issue 23

Punks, diodes, and coffee


Standart, the ultimate coffee publication. A masterpiece of curated stories, often from unlikely corners of our industry, always an enjoyable read.

Inside Issue 23, explore the current state of Bolivian coffee.

"Back in the 18th century, coffee was introduced to the Andes by Africans escaping slavery in Brazil. In Bolizia, it was first planted in the Yungas region (La Paz to be exact), which is dominated by tropical rainforest.

Today, the Yungas is still the main coffee-producing region in Bolivia, and also the focus of traditional coca leaf production, which has been consumed as a stimulant in Bolivia since pre-colonial times."

Discover the murky origins of the espresso machine.

"To give all the credit to any one individual belies the process of invention, which is a messy, human endeavour, not a flash of divine inspiration.

After all, the espresso is not one single idea, but the product of two centuries of small changes in the way we brew, serve, and drink coffee."