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Gone are the days of not knowing where your coffee came from, other than a region, or a name.

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Farmers are often left out of the loop, and out of the conversation. Cupboard includes everyone, and makes space for farmers to share their own stories.

What people are saying about Cupboard

JamieFounder of WYLDE

"Cupboard really stood out to me from the get go. For me, the two key aspects of speciality coffee that needed attention, were the obsession with single use packaging, and our connection to producers, as consumers. Cupboard Coffee addresses them both. The app and model are still in the early stages of development and I already really enjoy the relationship between myself and the coffee. I feel like I’m enjoying the raw product more, celebrating it. As opposed to buying a bag design first, coffee second.

It’s also fantastic for me to engage my customers with the producer that brought those beans to my shop. There’s definitely a long way to go in building those connections and allowing my customers to engage more, but that’s incredibly exciting."

ManonSCA Trainer & Founder of QualityCup

"I've got the chance to test the beta version of Cupboard for the past few months, and I am very impressed. I like the idea of having an app that connects the entire coffee industry, starting from the origin. The app features are well-designed and user-friendly.

It's a breeze of fresh air away from the noise and algorithm of traditional social media platforms. I am looking forward to seeing the app evolve & the community grow."

JeremyProducer at Atikvah & Cupboard Partner

"This incredible platform has quickly become our favorite way to connect with coffee lovers and fellow producers. Planting, growing, and harvesting coffee are no easy tasks, but we are delighted to share every step of the journey and build direct relationships within a growing community that we know values our story and enjoys our beans."

LewisCupboard Beta Member

"Cupboard not only sells amazing coffee, they give you the chance to speak directly to the farmer and thank them! This ability to directly correspond and interact with the farmers, and actually see your coffee being grown and processed, is completely revelationary.

Literally, rewriting the face of coffee for a big shift in the industry, in the most exciting way."